CHAPTER 679A. General Provisions
CHAPTER 679B. Commissioner of Insurance
CHAPTER 680A. Authorization of Insurers and General Requirements
CHAPTER 680B. Fees and Taxes
CHAPTER 680C. Fund for Insurance Administration and Enforcement
CHAPTER 681A. Kinds of Insurance; Limits on Risk; Reinsurance
CHAPTER 681B. Assets and Liabilities
CHAPTER 682A. Investments
CHAPTER 682B. Deposits
CHAPTER 683A. Persons Involved in Sale or Administration of Insurance
CHAPTER 683C. Insurance Consultants
CHAPTER 684A. Adjusters
CHAPTER 684B. Appraisers of Physical Damage to Motor Vehicles
CHAPTER 685A. Nonadmitted Insurance
CHAPTER 685B. Unauthorized Insurers; Prohibitions, Process and Advertising
CHAPTER 686A. Trade Practices and Frauds; Financing of Premiums
CHAPTER 686B. Rates and Essential Insurance
CHAPTER 686C. Nevada Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association
CHAPTER 687A. Insurance Guaranty Association
CHAPTER 687B. Contracts of Insurance
CHAPTER 687C. Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact
CHAPTER 688A. Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts
CHAPTER 688B. Group Life Insurance
CHAPTER 688C. Viatical Settlements
CHAPTER 688D. Payment of Benefits Upon Death of Insured [Effective July 1, 2014.]
CHAPTER 689. Funeral and Burial Services
CHAPTER 689A. Individual Health Insurance
CHAPTER 689B. Group and Blanket Health Insurance
CHAPTER 689C. Health Insurance for Small Employers
CHAPTER 690A. Credit Insurance
CHAPTER 690B. Casualty Insurance
CHAPTER 690C. Service Contracts
CHAPTER 691A. Property Insurance
CHAPTER 691B. Sureties
CHAPTER 691C. Credit Personal Property Insurance
CHAPTER 691D. Portable Electronics Insurance
CHAPTER 692A. Title Insurance
CHAPTER 692B. Formation and Capitalization of Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers; Financing of Insurers and Holding Companies
CHAPTER 692C. Holding Companies
CHAPTER 693A. Corporate Powers and Procedures of Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers
CHAPTER 693B. Continuity of Management During Emergency Resulting From Attack
CHAPTER 694A. Trading of Equity Securities by Insiders
CHAPTER 694B. Reciprocal Insurers
CHAPTER 694C. Captive Insurers
CHAPTER 695A. Fraternal Benefit Societies
CHAPTER 695B. Nonprofit Corporations for Hospital, Medical and Dental Service
CHAPTER 695C. Health Maintenance Organizations
CHAPTER 695D. Plans for Dental Care
CHAPTER 695E. Liability Risk Retention
CHAPTER 695F. Prepaid Limited Health Service Organizations
CHAPTER 695G. Managed Care
CHAPTER 695H. Medical Discount Plans
CHAPTER 695I. Silver State Health Insurance Exchange
CHAPTER 695J. Persons Who Facilitate Enrollment in Certain Qualified Health Plans
CHAPTER 696A. Motor Clubs
CHAPTER 696B. Delinquent Insurers: Conservation, Rehabilitation and Liquidation
CHAPTER 697. Businesses Related to Bail