CHAPTER 622. General Provisions Governing Regulatory Bodies
CHAPTER 622A. Administrative Procedure Before Certain Regulatory Bodies
CHAPTER 623. Architecture, Interior Design and Residential Design
CHAPTER 623A. Landscape Architects
CHAPTER 624. Contractors
CHAPTER 625. Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
CHAPTER 625A. Environmental Health Specialists
CHAPTER 627. Disbursement of Money by Construction Controls
CHAPTER 628. Accountants
CHAPTER 628A. Financial Planners
CHAPTER 629. Healing Arts Generally
CHAPTER 630. Physicians, Physician Assistants, Medical Assistants, Perfusionists and Practitioners of Respiratory Care
CHAPTER 630A. Homeopathic Medicine
CHAPTER 631. Dentistry and Dental Hygiene
CHAPTER 632. Nursing
CHAPTER 633. Osteopathic Medicine
CHAPTER 634. Chiropractic
CHAPTER 634A. Oriental Medicine
CHAPTER 635. Podiatry
CHAPTER 636. Optometry
CHAPTER 637. Dispensing Opticians
CHAPTER 637A. Hearing Aid Specialists
CHAPTER 637B. Audiologists and Speech Pathologists
CHAPTER 638. Veterinarians
CHAPTER 639. Pharmacists and Pharmacy
CHAPTER 640. Physical Therapists
CHAPTER 640A. Occupational Therapists
CHAPTER 640B. Athletic Trainers
CHAPTER 640C. Massage Therapists
CHAPTER 640D. Music Therapists
CHAPTER 640E. Dietetics
CHAPTER 641. Psychologists, Licensed Behavior Analysts, Licensed Assistant Behavior Analysts and Certified Autism Behavior Interventionists
CHAPTER 641A. Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Professional Counselors
CHAPTER 641B. Social Workers
CHAPTER 641C. Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Counselors and Detoxification Technicians
CHAPTER 642. Funeral Directors, Embalmers and Operators of Cemeteries and Crematories
CHAPTER 643. Barbers and Barbering
CHAPTER 644. Cosmetology
CHAPTER 645. Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
CHAPTER 645A. Escrow Agencies and Agents
CHAPTER 645B. Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents
CHAPTER 645C. Appraisers of Real Estate and Appraisal Management Companies
CHAPTER 645D. Inspectors of Structures and Energy Auditors
CHAPTER 645E. Mortgage Bankers
CHAPTER 645F. Mortgage Lending and Related Professions
CHAPTER 645G. Exchange Facilitators
CHAPTER 645H. Asset Management Companies and Asset Managers
CHAPTER 646. Pawnbrokers
CHAPTER 647. Dealers in Junk and Secondhand Materials; Scrap Metal Processors
CHAPTER 648. Private Investigators, Private Patrol Officers, Polygraphic Examiners, Process Servers, Repossessors and Dog Handlers
CHAPTER 649. Collection Agencies
CHAPTER 651. Public Accommodations
CHAPTER 652. Medical Laboratories
CHAPTER 654. Administrators of Facilities for Long-Term Care
CHAPTER 655. Locksmiths and Safe Mechanics
CHAPTER 656. Certified Court Reporters
CHAPTER 656A. Interpreters and Realtime Captioning Providers