CHAPTER 439. Administration of Public Health
CHAPTER 439A. Planning for the Provision of Health Care
CHAPTER 439B. Restraining Costs of Health Care
CHAPTER 440. Vital Statistics
CHAPTER 441A. Infectious Diseases; Toxic Agents
CHAPTER 442. Maternal and Child Health; Abortion
CHAPTER 444. Sanitation
CHAPTER 444A. Programs for Recycling
CHAPTER 445A. Water Controls
CHAPTER 445B. Air Pollution
CHAPTER 445C. Environmental Requirements
CHAPTER 445D. Environmental Covenants (Uniform Act)
CHAPTER 446. Food Establishments
CHAPTER 447. Public Accommodations
CHAPTER 449. Medical Facilities and Other Related Entities
CHAPTER 450. County Hospitals and Hospital Districts
CHAPTER 450B. Emergency Medical Services
CHAPTER 451. Dead Bodies
CHAPTER 452. Cemeteries
CHAPTER 453. Controlled Substances
CHAPTER 453A. Medical Use of Marijuana
CHAPTER 453B. Drug Donation Programs
CHAPTER 454. Poisons; Dangerous Drugs and Hypodermics
CHAPTER 455. Excavations and High-Voltage Lines
CHAPTER 455A. Safety of Participants in Outdoor Sports
CHAPTER 455B. Recreational Parks
CHAPTER 455C. Boilers, Elevators and Pressure Vessels
CHAPTER 457. Cancer
CHAPTER 458. Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs
CHAPTER 458A. Prevention and Treatment of Problem Gambling
CHAPTER 459. Hazardous Materials
CHAPTER 459A. Generators of Electricity
CHAPTER 460. Human Blood, Blood Products and Body Parts
CHAPTER 461. Manufactured Buildings
CHAPTER 461A. Mobile Homes and Parks