CHAPTER207. Miscellaneous Crimes

NRS 207.010. Habitual criminals: Definition; punishment.
NRS 207.012. Habitual felons: Definition; punishment.
NRS 207.014. Habitually fraudulent felons: Definition; punishment.
NRS 207.016. Procedure; trial of primary offense; prior convictions.
NRS 207.030. Prohibited acts; penalty.
NRS 207.040. Employment on public works.
NRS 207.050. Credit for work performed.
NRS 207.070. Sheriff to procure employment.
NRS 207.161. Definitions.
NRS 207.163. Refusal to relinquish public telephone for emergency call unlawful; false declaration of emergency to obtain use of public telephone unlawful.
NRS 207.165. Telephone directory must contain warning notice of offense provided in NRS 207.163.
NRS 207.167. Interference with emergency transmission on Citizens’ Radio Service unlawful; presumptions.
NRS 207.170. “False, deceptive or misleading advertising” defined.
NRS 207.171. False, deceptive or misleading advertising and other sales practices.
NRS 207.172. Exemption of advertising media.
NRS 207.173. Actual deception unnecessary to create liability.
NRS 207.174. Civil penalties; action by Attorney General or district attorney.
NRS 207.175. Criminal penalties.
NRS 207.176. Injunctions.
NRS 207.177. Penalty for violation of injunction or order.
NRS 207.180. Threatening or obscene letters or writings.
NRS 207.185. Penalty for commission of certain unlawful acts by reason of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression of another person or group of persons.
NRS 207.190. Coercion.
NRS 207.193. Coercion: Hearing to determine whether sexually motivated.
NRS 207.195. Use of monetary instrument proceeding or derived from unlawful activity; conducting financial transaction with intent to evade regulation governing records of casinos.
NRS 207.200. Unlawful trespass upon land; warning against trespassing.
NRS 207.203. Unlawful trespass upon licensed gaming establishment by person previously convicted of prostitution or solicitation for prostitution.
NRS 207.205. Posting land without permission of owner or occupant.
NRS 207.210. Destruction of signs or notices forbidding trespass.
NRS 207.220. Penalty for not closing gates.
NRS 207.225. Unlawful diversion of irrigation water.
NRS 207.230. Acting without lawful authority.
NRS 207.235. Dog racing as gaming activity.
NRS 207.245. Use of system providing telephone number to be used in emergency when no actual or perceived emergency exists.
NRS 207.260. Unlawful contact with child or person with mental illness.
NRS 207.270. Loitering about school or public place where children congregate.
NRS 207.280. False reporting of crimes unlawful.
NRS 207.285. Making false or misleading statement to cause activation of Statewide Alert System for the Safe Return of Abducted Children or Statewide Alert System for the Safe Return of Missing Endangered Older Persons.
NRS 207.290. Giving or accepting bribe to influence outcome of sporting event.
NRS 207.295. Commercial bribery.
NRS 207.297. Discrimination: Definitions.
NRS 207.300. Discrimination: Transactions involving real property.
NRS 207.310. Discrimination: Loans for dwellings.
NRS 207.320. Preparation or sale of academic writings.
NRS 207.325. Unsolicited transmission of advertisement to facsimile machine.
NRS 207.330. Sale of identifying card or document.
NRS 207.335. Counterfeiting or forging registry identification card issued for engaging in acts relating to medical use of marijuana. [Effective April 1, 2014.]
NRS 207.340. Acts concerning federal food stamps; prosecution by district attorney or Attorney General.
NRS 207.345. Impersonation of officer or employee of utility.
NRS 207.350. Definitions.
NRS 207.360. “Crime related to racketeering” defined. [Effective through March 31, 2014.]
NRS 207.360. “Crime related to racketeering” defined. [Effective April 1, 2014.]
NRS 207.370. “Criminal syndicate” defined.
NRS 207.380. “Enterprise” defined.
NRS 207.390. “Racketeering activity” defined.
NRS 207.400. Unlawful acts; penalties.
NRS 207.410. Alternate fine for unlawful acts.
NRS 207.415. Account for Prosecution of Racketeering created; use and distribution of money by Attorney General; reimbursement of Account.
NRS 207.420. Criminal forfeiture: Property subject to forfeiture; substitution for unreachable property.
NRS 207.430. Criminal forfeiture: Temporary restraining order to preserve property.
NRS 207.440. Criminal forfeiture: Orders to secure property.
NRS 207.450. Criminal forfeiture: Order of forfeiture; protection of property.
NRS 207.460. Civil forfeiture: Property subject to forfeiture.
NRS 207.470. Civil actions for damages resulting from racketeering.
NRS 207.480. Order of court upon determination of civil liability.
NRS 207.490. Criminal and civil forfeiture: Seizure of property before forfeiture and final disposition; order of forfeiture; intercession by Attorney General; interlocutory actions by court.
NRS 207.500. Use, sale and other disposal of forfeited property by State, county or city; payment of certain encumbrances.
NRS 207.510. Parties to proceedings for forfeiture of property.
NRS 207.520. Limitation of actions.